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The rule book, please read it and stick to it!


It should go without saying that we all want a forum that encourages free debate and healthy discussion. However there are lines that must be drawn. NVTchat will not accept:

zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads
disrespect, flaming or insulting other members, Nova Blitz employees or others in general
excessive swearing
doxxing of ANY kind (i.e posting personally identifiable information)
attempting to get other users to reveal their secret key
pasting entire articles into the forum. Post the link and your summary (or the talking point) instead.
using vulgar or inappropriate usernames.
pornographic, violent or drug related threads/profiles
inciting violence or attempting to attract 'mob mentality' against others
backlink/affiliate link spam (including in signatures)
needlessly bumping topics
begging for NVT/cash/bitcoin/whatever
deliberate trolling. Mods will determine what constitutes trolling on a per case basis
sending unsolicited PMs, such as mass requests for help or advertising
impersonating someone else or claiming false endorsements
Lets keep things positive and on topic, even if its criticism


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