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Author Topic: mmobomb NOVA BLITZ MAKER WANTS YOU TO “OWN” YOUR DIGITAL CCG CARDS  (Read 184 times)


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Your digital CCG cards are worthless. Yes, I know you dropped hundreds of dollars on the latest expansion to buy that awesome bundle of packs, which you cyber-ripped open with unabashed glee and got those super-ultra-legendary-mega-rare cards and they seem like they’re valuable – but what happens when you’re done with that game?

If you were playing a physical CCG, like Magic: The Gathering, you could sell all your old cards and buy cards from another game. In effect, you’d be trading the cards you don’t want for cards you do want. But you can’t do that in a digital CCG. You can’t trade Hearthstone cards for Shadowverse or Duelyst cards.

One company wants to change all that. Enter Dragon Foundry, the makers of free-to-play CCG Nova Blitz. While the game itself isn’t huge, its creators have some huge ideas that could revolutionize the CCG industry – if they get enough players and developers to sign on.